How to Spot if Your Belleville, IL Car Needs a Transmission Repair

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Are you questioning if your car needs a transmission repair? Check out these tips below to help you discover if you are having issues with your transmission. Transmission problems are never great to deal with, and they can occur at the most terrible times. Watching for the warning signs to very important if you want […]

Most Common Problems with Four-Wheel-Drive Vehicles for Fairview Heights, IL Car Owners

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Common Issues with Four-Wheel-Drive Vehicles in Fairview Heights, IL Some of the most complicated vehicles on the road are the various four-wheel-drive models produced by virtually every manufacturer on the planet. While all of them have their own unique strengths and weaknesses there are some 4wd problems that we, as auto service technicians in the […]

Common Mistakes that Can Damage your Transmission

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Avoid these Transmission Mistakes for a Healthy Transmission! We’ve previously discussed specific problem signs that a transmission system may not be functioning properly. While transmission issues can be costly depending on their severity, there are plenty of preventative measures that can be taken to minimize these costs and problems. Everyone desires to keep their vehicle […]

Trouble with Transmissions in Collinsville, IL?

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Keep An Eye On Your Vehicle’s Automatic Transmission! People tend to be intimidated by their vehicle’s transmission system. It is often the punch line of jokes in regards to how expensive and complex of a system it is to repair. Even though we don’t want to think about the possibility of our vehicle breaking down, […]

Belleville, IL Auto Repair: Best Transmission Maintenance Practices

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Transmission Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Healthy! Automobile transmissions have a lot of moving parts, each of which must be working properly to keep your car moving. Just like every other part of your vehicle, your transmission requires maintenance to keep it working properly. However, transmission maintenance is different than other vehicle maintenance, and […]

Should I Keep an Eye on My Transmission Fluid in Fairview Heights, Illinois?

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How Often Should I Check My Transmission Fluid? The average cost of transmission repair by a transmission specialist ranges from $1800 to $3500, making it one of the most expensive repair procedures you can get for your car. Furthermore, not all repair shops are transmission shops, which means finding someone to repair your car may […]