Symptoms of Transmission Issues in Columbia, IL

Transmission Issues
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From dead batteries or engine problems, there are many kinds of problems that can stop a vehicle from going anywhere. Transmission issues are another common problem that can affect vehicles. If you own a vehicle in Columbia, IL, it is important to know the signs of transmission problems so you can have them fixed. Some are as easy as just checking your dashboard. Here we want to go over some common symptoms you should look out for.

Delayed Shifting

If your transmission is not working properly, you may experience delays when shifting. This is usually the result of having low transmissions fluid. You may also notice some strange noises when you are having these issues as well. As soon as you start feeling the delay it is best to have your vehicle looked at by your local Columbia, IL auto repair professionals before the problem gets worse.

Fluid Leaking

Have you noticed any fluid leaking out of your vehicle? While this is not always the case, your transmission could be the culprit of this issue. Your vehicle has several fluids in it including your motor oil, brake fluid, and transmission fluid just to name a few. Transmission fluid will either be red for automatic transmissions or amber for manual transmissions. If your transmission fluid is darker, it means that it is dirty. If it is a light pink color, it means that there is water present in your transmission.  Regardless of what color fluid is leaking from your vehicle, you should have it inspected by a professional who will be able to find the problem.

Strange Sounds

When your vehicle is experiencing transmission issues you will likely hear strange sounds coming from your vehicle. This sound can be a squeaking or clanking noise, you may even hear a loud thudding as well. The sounds can be an indication that the transmission fluid in your vehicle is at low levels. Whenever your vehicle has low transmissions fluid, your vehicle will lose hydraulic pressure which will mess up the rhythm of the shifting’s timing. Leaving your fluid low can cause damage to your transmission over time so it is best to get some more fluid put into your vehicle when you have this problem.

A Burning Smell

If there is something wrong with your transmission, you may notice a burning smell in your vehicle. While it is not always the cause, transmission issues can contribute to this smell if it is overheating. Your transmission can overheat for several reasons, the most common of which is due to low transmission fluid levels.

Transmission Overheating

More on overheating, having low transmission fluid in your vehicle is not the only reason why it could be overheating. It could be caused by a problem with your solenoids. The solenoid is a component that is in charge of regulating how much fluid is passed to your transmission. If this component is malfunctioning, it can throw off how much fluid is being allowed to pass to your transmission, causing it to overheat. If your solenoid is having issues, it will likely need to be replaced, but it might be repairable through rewiring. Have it looked at by an auto repair professional to see what the best option is.

Gear Grinding

Transmission fluids

Easily one of the most common signs there is something wrong with your transmission is when your vehicle has grinding gears. This can occur if you try to put your vehicle into gear without using your vehicle’s clutch. Even if you use the clutch, you may still feel grinding. A common reason for this problem is, once again, low transmission fluid. If you are experienced, you may be able to give your vehicle more fluid on your own. If you are inexperienced, however, you should just leave it to the professionals so you do not damage anything.

Gear Popping Out

If your vehicle is shifting strangely or even on its own, make sure you do not drive it and make sure you have it looked at before you try to drive it again. This is a very dangerous thing to happen, especially if you are driving on a busy road. Having your vehicle shift on its own while you are driving can lead to an accident. This issue is commonly caused by a problematic transmission. Have your vehicle looked at right away if you are ever experiencing this issue.

These are not the only symptoms of transmission issues. It is important with any transmission-related issue that you never ignore it, and that you have your vehicle looked at right away. Do you live in Columbia, IL and are looking for an auto repair company that can help you get your transmission fixed on your vehicle? Give our team of auto repair professionals over at Marshall’s Transmission Service a call today!

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