Your Alton, IL Automatic Transmission Questions Answered by Our Experts

automatic transmission

Understanding How Your Vehicle Works

Are you curious to know how exactly your vehicle’s automatic transmission works? In this article, we are going to help answer some popular questions about these transmissions. We will be hare important information about the service requirements and the lifespan of your Alton, IL vehicle.

automatic transmission

What is the Difference Between an Automatic Transmission and a Manual Transmission?

Choosing which type of transmission is best for your vehicle is strongly influenced by your driving experience. There are three key differences between a manual and an automatic transmission. A manual transmission has a special gear shift that allows the driver to manually shift your transmission into the desired gear.  It also has a clutch pedal which is responsible for unlocking the gears. This is the mechanism that allows the switch to take place, which means that in a manual transmission, you do all the work. Having an automatic transmission allows the gears to shift without your assistance.

What are the Benefits of Choosing an Automatic Transmission?

There are obvious benefits when deciding which transmission to choose. The biggest proponent for choosing an automatic one is that you don’t have to worry about changing gears while you drive. This reason alone is why most people start driving with an automatic vehicle. When you drive with an automatic, you won’t feel the same level of control that a manual has. To make up for this, you will have a smoother driving experience with a simpler learning curve.

Another benefit to an automatic transmission is that you can pay better attention to your surroundings, which prevents you from being distracted by shifting gears. Also driving in stop-and-go traffic, which is common in the Alton, IL area can be easier with an automatic.

How Often Should My Transmission Be Serviced?

Usually, when you purchase a vehicle, you will receive a guide from your manufacturer. This guide will highlight when and how often your vehicle should be serviced. A common tip is that you should get it serviced between 60,000 and 100,000 miles. Your automatic transmission generates heat, which will degrade your fluid over time. It can also become contaminated with rust, which is a reason to get it serviced as well.

How Long Does a Typical Transmission Last?

It is difficult to exactly determine how long a transmission will last. With a minimum amount of care, it can last around 100,000 miles. However, with maximum care and some luck, your transmission can reach 300,000 or more miles. The average number of miles that they last are between 150,000 and 200,000 miles. You can try to extend the lifespan of your vehicle’s transmission by getting it serviced every 18 months, checking the fluids, and by upgrading to synthetic fluids.

What Reduces the Life of My Transmission?

There are several things that can reduce the lifespan of your vehicle’s transmission. The first is driving before your engine and transmission have a chance to warm up. During the cold winter months in Alton, IL the cold air makes the transmission fluid thicker. This makes the transmission fluid a poor conductor of friction. To prevent this from happening, we suggest letting your vehicle idle until the engine reaches a lower RPM. Another thing that can damage your vehicle’s transmission is shifting into gear while your vehicle is moving. This can seriously cause damage to your vehicle’s gears and clutches. Another thing that can damage your vehicle is driving aggressively. Make sure when you are driving you are treating your vehicle with respect, and not driving aggressively.

automatic transmission

If you have any questions about your vehicle’s transmission or want us to check it out, give us at Marshall’s Transmission a call today!

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