Most Common Problems with Four-Wheel-Drive Vehicles for Fairview Heights, IL Car Owners

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Common Issues with Four-Wheel-Drive Vehicles in Fairview Heights, IL

Some of the most complicated vehicles on the road are the various four-wheel-drive models produced by virtually every manufacturer on the planet. While all of them have their own unique strengths and weaknesses there are some 4wd problems that we, as auto service technicians in the Fairview Heights Illinois area, tend to see much more often than others. Luckily, most of these problems can be avoided by having regular service performed by a qualified mechanic on your transmissions, drivelines, and gearboxes.

Having to Over-Rev Your Engine to Go

If it seems that your engine is having to work harder than it used to for you to run to get up to speed or before your vehicle starts moving there is definitely a problem in your transmission.

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Manual Transmission

If you are driving a vehicle with a manual transmission the most likely culprit is a worn clutch plate or one that is out of adjustment. There are other possible causes but this is the most common especially if you ride the clutch or shift under load quite often.

Automatic Transmission

Problems with your torque converter, fluid solenoid, or even something as simple as being low on transmission fluid can cause this to happen. Automatic transmissions can be very finicky so it is best to visit a transmission shop as soon as possible.

Whining, Clunking, and Humming

Manual transmissions normally make more mechanical noise than automatics do especially in 4wd systems. That being said though if you start to hear strange noises it is not a sign of anything good. Unfortunately, there are multiple possible causes for this symptom depending on your type of 4wd and exactly where the noise is coming from.

Grinding or Shaking

In a manual transmission grinding or shaking can be caused by clutch problems or worn synchronizer gears. In an Automatic, it is very bad news. Call a mechanic immediately.

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Burning Smell

Transmission and clutch fluids are better today than they have ever been but anything can break down with time and use. One of the fluids’ main purposes is to cool and lubricate your transmissions moving parts. If you experience a burning smell you could be low on fluid, it may have broken down or become contaminated. Left unchecked your transmission can literally cook itself.

If you do experience any problems with a 4wd be sure to note any and all symptoms that you notice and visit a repair shop as soon as possible. Detailed information can save your mechanic a lot of time searching for issues and early intervention can prevent small transmission problems from turning into major repairs. Problems with a 4wd drivetrain will not go away and it is always better to pay a small repair bill now than a large one later.

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