Common Front-Wheel Drive Transmission Issues in Collinsville, IL


The biggest selling point for front-wheel-drive transmissions is their more compact designs as their added traction and good fuel economy. Many car manufacturers now build new cars with these types of systems built in. While these systems offer a number of benefits, they can develop several different issues over time that will require you to have your car looked at by your local Collinsville, IL auto repair experts. Here we want to detail a number of different issues your front-wheel-drive transmission vehicle may encounter over time.

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What is Front-Wheel Drive

When driving in the ice and snow in Collinsville, IL, front-wheel drive helps your tires keep a stable grip on the road. The improved grip on the road is all thanks to how front-wheel drive is designed. The car’s transaxles which are used to connect the wheels to the transmission are both placed in the front end, along with the torque converter and engine. With this design, the car’s weight will be mostly distributed towards the front, which explains the improved traction on the road. The design while effective can be problematic, with a number of components within the system to break down over time.

Problems With CV Joints

All front-wheel-drive transmissions include a set of CV joints on both front wheels. Each wheel will have both an inner and outer CV joint. On some models of cars, the inner joint will also contain a set of differential gears which work alongside the transmission system. Those inner CV joints can wear out over time and use. The most noticeable sign that an inner CV joint is wearing is when you hear a clunking noise whenever you accelerate, decelerate, or shift.

CV Boot Casing Issues

Some cars will have a boot compartment in which the CV joins will be encased in to protect them. The boot will also have grease or lubricating fluids which will help keep the machinery working as it should. Just the same as the CV joints, over time, the boot casing can become worn out and develop cracks if not just break apart. Whenever this happens, the joints can become increasingly dry because the boot will not keep them lubricated. You can tell that your CV joints are dried out when you turn your steering wheel all the way to one side while you are accelerating.

Vibrating Drive Shaft

The components that connect your front wheels to the transmission system are the axle, transaxle, and the drive shaft. With all the car’s power being focused on the front, over the course of time and usage, wear and tear can take damage any of those components. In many cases, the drive shaft itself is just a metal, hollow tube, which is held in place by the surrounding axles. Whenever it is off balance, it can vibrate and shudder while the car is running and especially as you accelerate.

Preventing and Fixing Issues

With any kind of transmission system, regular and proper maintenance along with maintaining the required fluid levels is the most important and effective way you can keep your transmission system working as it should. One of the most important parts of a front-wheel-drive transmission system is the CV boot. It is crucial that you keep that housing as free of leaks, cracks, punctures, holes, or any kind of damage as you possibly can. When the boot starts leaking and the CV joints are not being properly lubricated, it can cause big damage to the transmission system, requiring you to pay a hefty repair bill.

Finding a Reliable Auto Repair Company

Front-wheel drive

If your front-wheel-drive transmission car is having any of these listed issues or having any other kind of issue, do not hesitate to contact a local professional auto repair company in Collinsville, IL. While there are many auto repair companies in the area, it is important to do your research and find one that you can trust to repair your car. The best way to research is by looking online and checking the company’s website and any online reviews that have been received from previous customers. Reputable auto repair companies may even show off their work on their website or social media. If you are unsure about a place’s credentials or how they operate, you can give them a call to see if they would be a good fit. Do not settle for just any auto repair company, go with one that you can trust.

Is your transmission having any of the issues we discussed, or does it have any other issues we had not brought up? Do not hesitate to give our team of reputable transmission and auto repair experts over at Marshall’s Transmission Service a call today! Our team has all the training and skills needed to troubleshoot and fix transmission issues with your car in the Collinsville, IL area.

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