Issues That Warn You of a Failing Clutch on Your Fairview Heights, IL BMW

BMW Clutch

BMWs are seen as some of the most durable, powerful, and expensive vehicles that are on the market in Fairview Heights, IL. This means that they are not only expensive to purchase but expensive to maintain and repair as well. This is why it is crucial that you find an automotive specialist who is affordable, reputable, and works efficiently. Aside from basic qualifications, a repair shop should be able to understand the specifics of your vehicle. This includes understanding how to deal with a failing clutch on a BMW.


What is the Main Function of the Clutch in Your BMW?

The clutch in your BMW is responsible for isolating the engine during gear shifting. This allows your wheels to function separately from the engine, which allows for a smoother gear shifting experience. There are several warning signs that can show you if your clutch is failing. This includes:

Strange Noises

Your clutch should not be making noises when you press it down. There is an exception, but that sound is light and air-like. If you start to notice strange noises coming from the clutch pedal when you engage it, including squeaking or grinding, this could indicate that your clutch is failing.

Wear, Tear, and Age

Normal wear and tear damage can cause your vehicle’s clutch to start to fail. Experiencing burnout on your clutch is common. This is especially true since BMWs are high-performance vehicles, and the clutches tend to be overused. Problems like this can be expensive to fix. This is also something that tends to happen with the basic aging of the clutch as well.

Clutch Pedal Feel

Another common sign that your BMW clutch is failing is the overall feel of the clutch pedal when you are using it. If you notice that your vehicle’s clutch is sticking, especially if it’s dense or loose can also be a problem. Also, if you feel an intense vibration through the pedal, then it is time to make sure you get it checked out by an experienced professional.

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Gear Shifting Issues

Since the transmission is highly used during the gear shifting process, you can expect there to be gear-shifting issues when the clutch is not properly functioning. You may notice that there are problems getting into the gear that you are supposed to be in. You also may notice clutch slips occur which can diminish your car’s ability to accelerate temporarily.

If you are noticing your BMWs clutch is not working as well as it should give our team at Marshall’s Transmission Service a call today!