Mistakes to Avoid in Order to Save Your Vehicles Automatic Transmission

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Save Your Vehicles Automatic Transmission by Avoiding these Mistakes

Looking to make sure that your automatic transmission doesn’t meet its untimely demise? We understand this worry, and we are here to help you with tips on how to avoid this type of mechanical issue. Automatic transmissions are one of the greatest inventions for the automotive industry. They allow drivers in Greenville, IL to have more safety on the road than ever thought possible. These types of transmissions are favored by both casual and professional drivers. Even though these transmissions provide a great amount of safety, there are some things to keep in mind when driving. These tips will save you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary repairs and will ensure your vehicle runs smoothly for years to come.

Do not keep the fuel tank low

Automatic transmissions depend on fluid pressure to run efficiently. Fuel also helps keep your car lubricated and cool. If you tend to keep the tank low in fuel, you will wear the transmission more quickly. Make sure you are filling up in your local Greenville, IL gas station!

Automatic transmission

Make sure to warm your engine before driving

If you are in the Greenville, IL area and really want to save your automatic transmission, bring it to us at Marshall’s Transmission Service! However, if the vehicle is undrivable, you can get it towed to our shop! Driving too quickly without first warming up the engine will not help your transmission. We all know that the midwestern winter season can be brutal. The wind chills and cold temperatures make oil thick and move slowly. Make sure to give your vehicle a chance to warm up before you cause any issues with your transmission.

Do NOT switch to neutral when waiting at red lights

On occasion, drivers who are trying to save fuel and protect the driveline switch to neutral during a red light. However, this is not beneficial as this can damage your gearbox and risk breaking the locking pin. There is a better way to save on fuel than switching to neutral at a red light, so make sure you are looking out for your vehicle’s best interests.

Never shift gears when your car is moving

We are sure that in high school, especially in Greenville, IL, they taught you that you needed to make a complete stop in order to switch gears. If your driving instructor said this, they were right. Changing gears while your vehicle is moving causes your transmission components to rapidly change directions. This wears down the gearbox, which causes issues for your automatic transmission in the future. Instead, make sure you are using your brakes and you come to a complete stop. Besides shifting gears while moving, make sure when you put your car in park, you are completely stopped as well.

Treat neutral mode with respect

Have you ever put your car or truck in neutral while rolling down a hill? You may have thought this was a smart idea because it supposedly saves gasoline and energy. However, this actually cuts your oil supply short which causes lubrication issues for your transmission. This results in major damage and overall wear to your automatic transmission. Make sure to cut this habit short in order to protect your transmission.

Changing Vehicle Oil

If you are someone who is familiar with automatic transmissions, then these tips may seem like things you have already known. However, every driver needs to take a crash course on transmission safety. Avoiding these mistakes will not only keep you safe but save you from having to replace an expensive part of your vehicle.  If you need transmission assistance and are in the Greenville, IL area, come on into Marshall’s Transmission Service today!