Most Common Transmission Problems

Transmission Repair

The 10 Most Common Transmission Problems

Do you suspect you have a problem with your vehicle’s transmission and need transmission services? Have you gone too long without visiting an auto repair shop? If you have, it’s time to get your vehicle in to see if there are any transmission leaks. Even if there isn’t, there is a good possibility that other issues require your attention. The most common transmission problems are listed below so you can understand them better.

What Causes Transmission Problems?

Transmission problems can be small or large. Being prepared for the expense of repairing the transmission helps you avoid sticker shock in the event the entire transmission needs replaced. You’ll know how long you’ll be without your vehicle, too, as it gets repaired.

The 10 most common transmission problems are:

1. Your vehicle needs transmission fluid to keep the transmission working. When there is a leak present, your car will drive fine but not reverse when you shift it into gear. It’s a tell-tale sign that you’re losing transmission fluid and something that can be fixed by a mechanic rather easily.

Transmission Gears

2. Clutch Issues. There are two parts to a clutch. They are the friction plates and steel plates. Over time, they wear down and cause problems with the vehicle. There isn’t enough pressure placed on the planetary gears to keep the transmission from slipping. The engine revs but doesn’t move the way you think it would when exerting such power.

3. Odd Noises. If you hear a whine coming from your car, it’s the transmission’s way of telling you that it needs someone to look at it. The sooner you address the problem, the better. It prevents you from needing a more expensive repair right away. It could be the torque converter or hard parts needing attention, with the latter requiring a full transmission replacement.

4. Shaking and Grinding While Driving. It’s a sign that there is a problem with the gears in vehicles with manual transmissions. The clutch needs replacement and is something that a mechanic can do in very little time at an auto body shop. Knowing who to bring your vehicle to when you need the transmission repaired helps you get the work done quickly. You’ll be back on the road in no time.

5. A Burning Smell. The transmission fluid levels inside the vehicle are potentially low. That, or you may have used the wrong type of transmission fluid. A burning smell calls for immediate attention from a mechanic. It could indicate a bigger issue than you thought it was.

6. You Can’t Shift into Gear. The ‘Check Engine Light’ may be on. You also could be running low on transmission fluid. You’ll want to check it right away. If adding more fluid doesn’t fix the issue, contact a service tech for further instruction.

7. The Car Goes Into Gear but Slips Out of It. The link that holds the gear may have broken without you knowing it. This issue puts you, other motorists, and pedestrians at risk. You cannot wait to get the problem fixed. It’s something that demands your immediate attention.

8. The Clutch Drags. It’s not much of an issue because it’s an inexpensive repair. You may notice that you can’t shift into gear quickly, although the clutch is spinning. A minor nuisance, it’s something that you can get fixed without breaking the bank. It’s the least intrusive of all the transmission problems you can have.

9. The Clutch Pedal Becomes Loose. A master cylinder leak is the culprit. It can make it hard to shift. The slave cylinder or transmission can be damaged if you let the problem go for too long without repair. It’s always best to have an issue fixed just as soon as you can to prevent it from costing you double what you could have paid to repair it.

10. Automatic Transmission Shuddering. The torque converter may have failed or been failing. It could rattle or make it, so you have problems shifting. If a mechanic finds that it is the torque converter causing the issue, they’ll be able to get it replaced for you right away. That means fewer transmission problems and smoother driving.

Transmission Failure

It’s hard to say what’s wrong with the transmission until you’ve had the vehicle serviced by a knowledgeable and skilled repair technician. Once they’ve taken a look at the transmission, they’ll have some possible solutions for you to entertain. A transmission repair may be the more cost-effective option when compared to a full transmission replacement.

Bring Your Vehicle into Us So That We Can Diagnose Its Issue

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