Transmission Mistakes Made in Fairview Heights

transmission mistakes

The Worst Transmission Mistakes that You Can Make in Fairview Heights: When thinking about your transmission, put it into perspective that it is like the heart of your vehicle. Your transmission, like a heart, is what keeps your car moving and going, taking you from place to place. The transmission is responsible for changing gears, […]

Transmission Rebuild Guide for Those in Collinsville, IL

transmission rebuild collinsville il

Transmission Rebuild & Overhaul Guide Collinsville, IL Your transmission is one of the most important parts whether you’ve got manual or automatic. This is why transmission problems are some of the worst problems you can have, and it’s also why taking care of your transmission is so important. Not only should you have regular transmission […]

Transmission Problems You’ll Never Want To Ignore in Collinsville, IL

transmission problems not to ignore in collinsville il

7 Car Transmission Problems That You Can’t Ignore There are several car transmission “problems” that you shouldn’t ignore. If you notice one of these happening when you drive, have it checked by a professional Collinsville, IL, mechanic before it’s damaged your car beyond fixing. Burning Smell It’s never a good sign when your car has […]

Transmission Repair & Temperature Tips in Collinsville, IL

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A Brief Guide To Your Transmission Temperature Gauge in Collinsville, IL Whether you’ve got an automatic or manual transmission, your transmission is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Without this crucial part, you couldn’t switch between gears to allow your vehicle to gain power and speed. As is the case with every […]

Edwardsville, Illinois Auto : CV Boot Replacement Basics

cv boot replacement installation edwardsville illinois

CV Boot Replacement Basics in Edwardsville, Illinois Cars have small components that vehicle owners often neglect, but are critical to the safe functioning of the automobile. Among these components are CV boots or Constant Velocity (CV) joints. Their primary function is to allow transmissions of power to the wheels through the drive shaft at a […]

Troy, IL Automotive: All you Need to Know About Your Transfer Case

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What Is a Transfer Case and What Does It Do for My Troy, IL Vehicle? We have seen all these adventurous cars go through all types of rock crawling or icy roads. Ever wonder how is this possible at driver’s will? Well, the transfer case is the one to thank, which is a part of […]

O’Fallon, IL Automotive: Diagnosing a Slipping Clutch

slipping gear shift o'fallon il

Here’s How You Can Diagnose a Slipping Clutch While everyone owns a vehicle, not everyone knows that much about their vehicle, especially when it comes to the transmission. However, it’s vital to understand certain signs and symptoms to ensure you notice when something is really going wrong. Unfortunately, many people ignore or don’t know the […]

A Local Transmission Shop for Collinsville, IL Drivers

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The Benefits of Finding a Local Transmission Shop in Collinsvile, IL If you own a car in Collinsville, IL, then you’re responsible for its transmission. Without a functioning transmission all you have is a 4000-pound paperweight. Your transmission is the second most important part of your vehicle (after the engine) because it’s what makes your […]

Why You Should Choose a Local Auto Shop in Maryville, IL

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The Benefits of Finding a Local Auto Shop in Maryville, IL Your car is a big investment, so it’s important to choose the best technicians to care for it. Traditionally, many people have insisted that dealerships are the only way to go for newer vehicles. Unfortunately, dealerships also come with significant expense and inconvenience. If […]