Signs That You Need a Transmission Flush in Troy, Illinois

transmission flush

Do you need a Transmission Flush?

One of the biggest auto debates is wondering if your car needs a transmission flush or not. For anyone, having a proper working vehicle is needed. With this in mind, you want to take the best care of your car that you possibly can. Maintaining proper service on your car is on the top list of importance. To know the best practices for this, and if you should be flushing your transmission, continue reading on.

Checking to See if the Car needs a Transmission Flush

Knowing a Transmission Flush

How important a transmission flush often goes unnoticed until there is a serious problem that comes from it. This is a process that is very important to the health of your car. If this flush is done properly, your call will stay in good condition. This means fewer unneeded visits to your local mechanic. If you are wondering about when your car should go through this type of maintenance, check your car’s owner manual, or call one of the experts at Mashall’s Transmission.

Warning Signs

If you are ever wondering what different signs may be for knowing when to get your car a transmission flush, you are on the right track. Our trust team has narrowed some a handful of signs to know when it should be time to bring your car in for that type of maintenance.


For most cars, their vehicle maintenance manuals will suggest that a transmission flush should occur every 30,000-40,000 miles. Keep a close eye on your miles for when you should take your car in. If you are unsure about how many miles your car should take to get a check-up or a flush, check your own car’s manual.

Leaking Fluid

Are you noticing any red fluids on your driveway or parking spot at your apartment? If this is the case, you could quite possibly have a leak somewhere in the transmission. If this happens, we advise you to take your vehicle to your local mechanic for a full check-up. Having a transmission flush may be done in order to find the leak.

Problems When Shifting Gears

Regardless of driving an automatic or manual car, any vehicle requires a clean transmission fluid that will flow easily throughout your car’s working transmission. Any transmission that contains too much dirt will cause a slower response in the transmission, this will result in your vehicle changing gears too quickly or even too late when driving.

Delay in Movement

One last sign that your car may need a flush is its start time. If your car starts to stall for one or more seconds before it finally moves after putting it in gear, this may be a problem. Check to see if there are any other problems with your transmission, usually in this case, it just means a flush needs to happen to your car.

Checking Car Warning Signs

Having a well-kept car is very important for the life expectancy of it. Let’s face it, we all love the idea of a brand new car, but deciding on when to get one versus having to get one is two different conversations. To make sure that you are keeping up with your car, give us here at Marshall’s Transmission a call today! We are always here and ready to help you!