Transmission Mistakes Made in Fairview Heights

transmission mistakes

The Worst Transmission Mistakes that You Can Make in Fairview Heights

When thinking about your transmission, put it into perspective that it is like the heart of your vehicle. Your transmission, like a heart, is what keeps your car moving and going, taking you from place to place. The transmission is responsible for changing gears, regulating your engine, and ensuring that you are getting to all your destinations as safely as possible. When there are transmission mistakes, you could find yourself in trouble.

Since your transmission is one of the most important parts of your vehicle alone, you should take care of it as much as you possibly can. Always make sure to take it for tune-ups, checks, and check out our last blog for other different tips to keep it in working order. With that in mind, there are different things you could be doing to your transmission that are harming it more than hurting it. Some of these certain steps are different things that you may not even realize that you would be doing to harm the life of your vehicle. Without your transmission, your car will not work. Taking care of it and following these different steps to improve the health of your transmission can save you stress and not string out your bank account in the long run.

Not Knowing the Transmission Basics

There is a list of several different things that you could be looking for when it comes to improving the health of your transmission from the start.

transmission fluid
  1. Changing your transmission fluid every 30,000-60,000 miles.
  2. Add a transmission cooler, so your car doesn’t overheat in the warmer seasons.
  3. Using synthetic transmission fluid to resist heat, cold, and shearing.
  4. Towing or hauling the proper weight of the vehicle.
  5. Make sure that your car has a transmission temperature gauge.
  6. Coming to a total stop before you change your gears.
  7. Improving low tire pressure as soon as possible.
  8. Keep track of the cleanliness of your transmission filter.

These simple steps can be what is between you keeping your car for years to come or starting a brand-new car payment when it gives out before it should’ve. Being able to keep track of your transmission will help prevent any damage that could happen to your car in the future.

Ignoring Your Transmission Light

Let’s face it; we are all guilty of pretending we don’t notice the lights that pop up on our cars, especially if we feel as though we don’t have to money to take care of the problem properly. With that in mind, taking your car into our shop as soon as these lights come on can prevent an issue that could grow into a bigger problem later on down the road. There is nothing that is gained from ignoring a transmission problem. Contrary to popular belief, it will not go away without attention or repair. Like we said, the longer that you wait out taking your car to the shop, the more of a risk you are putting on yourself, family, friends, or any other passengers that are in your car.

Be sure to listen and watch for damage signs, these can include;

  1. Loud clunking noises, odd smells, or shaking while driving.
  2. The inability to properly shift between reverse, park, and drive.
  3. A prolonged need for regularly scheduled machinate.
Handling Your Transmission Fluid

Handling Your Transmission Fluid Properly

A common transmission problem stems from low or even bad transmission fluid. This fluid is responsible for lubricating the many different parts that are involved in the transmission. If you do have low transmission fluid, this can lead to overheating. Without having enough fluid in the system, the temperature will rise. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to spot excessive heat without an installed temperature gauge- this is another reason why regular service is quite essential.

If you are also using the wrong type of fluid or even dirty fluid, this can also damage your system. Since this is the case, you should always have a professional check this to make sure that the fluid isn’t damaging your car. If it is, they are experienced to replace the fluid with new, clean, and safe product.

To prevent any mistake that can occur, you can have your transmission fluid should be checked often. If you keep up a regularly scheduled check-up for this, this can prevent anything going wrong with your car that involves the fluid. Just like getting your oil checked, this can be the same type of routine. Have a professional help you if you have any questions regarding this process.

Here at Marshall’s we know that having a safe way to drive is at the top of your priorities. Our team is here for you in any case. Call us today to help with any transmission mistakes!

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