Auto Repair: How Does My Clutch Work?

Keeping the clutch on a vehicle in good working order ensures that the engine operates properly at all times. Without the piece of machinery, your car can’t stop at your favorite Granite City, IL locations without killing the motor. The auto part makes it so your automobile stops, thanks to a scientific term called ‘friction.’

How the Clutch Plate and Flywheel Work Together

The clutch plate and the flywheel rub together, causing the vehicle to halt without negatively affecting the engine or transmission. When the clutch doesn’t work correctly due to these parts being worn down or damaged, more significant problems ensue. That’s when transmission service becomes unavoidable if you want to continue driving the car.

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Things That Make the Clutch Go Out

Some of the things that could cause the clutch to go out include a leak in the master cylinder, a warped flywheel, a worn disc, an old pressure plate, and a deteriorating throwout bearing. If your vehicle isn’t driving like it usually does, it’s time to bring it into an auto repair shop for a diagnosis. A technician will be able to tell you right away if the problem has something to do with the clutch.

You can then decide your next course of action to repair or replace the piece causing the issue. Making arrangements for your vehicle to be in the shop while the problem is being worked on is highly recommended. You may need a loaner vehicle to see you through until your car is drivable once again.

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The True Price of Engine and Transmission Damage

Engine damage can be very costly, which is why you want to do what you can right away to keep your clutch in good working order. In some cases, repairing or replacing the engine or transmission costs more than getting another vehicle. By avoiding unnecessary wear and tear to the car by having it routinely maintained by a professional, you lengthen the longevity of your automobile and refrain from buying a newer model right away.

Having Your Clutch Looked At Prevents Costlier Repair Work

Now that you know what your vehicle’s clutch is good for, you’ll be more apt to have transmission service done at your favorite Granite City auto repair shop regularly. Doing so prevents costly maintenance from occurring at a later date. Taking care of minor issues with your automobile keeps the vehicle on the road and operating efficiently and safely.

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