Transmission: Torque Converter Problems

If you think your entire transmission is failing, don’t start panicking over the cost of transmission replacement. Instead, bring your car to Marshall’s Transmission Repair in Belleville, IL for evaluation of your vehicle’s torque converter.

A torque converter is found on automatic transmissions and enables the engine to rotate independently of transmission control. For example, if your vehicle is idling, the torque amount passing through the converter is minimal. This idle action means you only need to maintain light to no pressure on the brakes to keep your vehicle still.

Torque converters allow automatic transmission vehicles to stop without letting the engine stall. Also, a torque convertor gives cars more power (torque) when they accelerate from a full stop. Torque converters in newer cars can multiply engine torque by two or three times. However, this only occurs if the engine is turning significantly faster than your automatic transmission.

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5 Signs of Torque Converter Problems

1. Transmission is Slipping
When too much or too little transmission fluid enters the transmission, it may be due to torque converter failure. Your vehicle’s fuel economy could suffer, as well.

2. Soft or Delayed Gear Shifting

Reduced pressure output by the converter makes transmission shifts feel rough and less engaging. Increasing the engine’s RPM is one way to increase the output pressure. Getting transmission service from Marshall’s Transmission Repair in Belleville, IL is the best way to avoid an expensive, complete transmission failure.

3. Vehicle Speeds Up or Down By Itself

Inconsistency in the output of your vehicle’s torque converter could cause transmissions to increase or decrease your car’s speed. If this happens to you only once, don’t drive your vehicle anymore until you get it inspected by our Belleville, IL transmission technicians.

4. Shuddering Vehicle

If your car shakes or vibrates when you drive between 30 and 45 mph, the torque converter may be failing. Get the transmission checked ASAP even if this “shuddering” doesn’t happen all the time.

5. Odd Noises

Bad torque converters often make the same sound an empty power steering pump makes–a whining, high-pitched squealing noise. Or you might hear a rattling noise after putting your vehicle into gear, which increases in volume and frequency while driving.

When your car needs transmission services, don’t delay. Call Marshall’s Transmission Repair in Belleville, IL to make an appointment for the torque converter or transmission repair.

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