Edwardsville, Illinois: What to Know About Your Clutch

Edwardsville, Illinois: What to Know About Your Clutch

Auto Repair: Questions about your clutch

There are few parts of your vehicle that are as important as the clutch. This is why if you’ve got a problem with it, we’ve got all the information you need to know before you bring it in for transmission service.

An Important Job

In order for your vehicle to move, the engine needs to engage the wheels and make them spin. But when you need to stop, you need to find a way to do that without killing the engine. Your clutch allows you to disengage the wheels while keeping your engine running.

manual transmission vs automatic transmission edwardsville illinoisAutomatic vs. Manual

While all transmissions perform the same basic job, there are two main types that you need to know about: automatic and manual.

When most people talk about a clutch, they’re talking about a manual transmission. That’s because the clutch is the primary component in a manual transmission. Manual transmissions are generally more affordable because of this.

An automatic transmission, on the other hand, is made up of many parts, including the clutch. Since there are more parts and these transmissions haven’t been around quite as long, automatic transmissions are usually a bit more expensive.

Common Problems

auto repair for your clutch edwardsville illinoisAs long as you take good care of your clutch, it can last for quite a while. However, carrying too much weight or driving rough can cause problems to occur at a much earlier stage. Here are some of the problems you should watch out for when it comes to your transmission:

  • Wear and tear: Wear is the most common clutch problem because it naturally occurs over time
  • Broken cable: This cable needs tension to work, so a broken cable will cause big problems
  • Leaks: If there’s a leak somewhere, it can cause a lack of pressure
  • Misalignment: This problem occurs when the linkage isn’t transferring enough pressure
  • Air in hydraulics: When you get air where the fluid is supposed to be, it can also cause a decrease in pressure that causes problems
  • Difficulty pressing: If pressing the clutch pedal feels more difficult than usual, that could indicate a problem

If you’ve got a clutch that’s acting up, you need to find a good mechanic in Edwardsville, IL. Your clutch is a hugely important part of your vehicle, and a smaller problem could become worse if you let it fester. And just like anything when it comes to cars, a little maintenance goes a long way.

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