Transmission Service: FAQs About Transmissions

Transmission Service: FAQs About Transmissions

Transmission Service FAQs

transmission repair in collinsville illinoisI already have a mechanic – why should I call a transmission repair shop?

Mechanics who work at auto service shops have a wide range of automotive repair skills that tend to focus on common maintenance issues such as brakes, tune-ups and engine problems. By comparison, technicians who specialize in transmission repair have advanced knowledge and specialized training in all aspects of transmission maintenance, diagnostics, and repair – that’s why it’s common for area auto service shops in Collinsville, Illinois to refer customers with transmission issues to us here at Marshalls Transmission Repair.

Do I need to have my automatic transmission serviced?

While most modern transmissions are designed to be relatively maintenance-free, just like your engine, your transmission consists of many moving parts that need to be properly lubricated at all times.

Your vehicle owners’ manual has a section that lists recommended auto service intervals based on mileage and/or time, and that list will indicate when it’s time to have the transmission fluid on your car, van or truck changed.

What are the common signs of transmission trouble?

The first signs that you could need your transmission checked tends to show up while you’re driving. You might notice that your transmission doesn’t seem to shift as smoothly as it once did, your engine revs higher than normal before your transmission shifts into the next gear, or you feel your vehicle rolling backwards when you stop on an incline.

In some cases, drivers also report seeing transmission fluid on the ground under their vehicle or detecting an unusual odor while driving.

Can I keep driving if my vehicle is leaking transmission fluid?

transmission fluid collinsville illinoisTransmissions are designed to be sealed units, so if you notice a transmission fluid leak you should head straight to a transmission repair shop to find out what’s causing the problem.

Driving without enough transmission fluid in your vehicle can cause the components to overheat, wear down and even seize up completely, leaving you stranded at the roadside.

I’ve heard transmission repair is costly – why?

While it’s true that rebuilding or replacing a transmission can be very expensive, in most cases transmission service costs are comparable to any other type of auto service. In fact, having your transmission maintained on a regular basis is the best way to avoid having to pay for major repairs in the future.

To learn more about transmission maintenance, service and repairs, contact our Collinsville, Illinois transmission repair experts here at Marshalls Transmission Service today.

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