CV Boot Replacement Basics in Edwardsville, Illinois

Cars have small components that vehicle owners often neglect, but are critical to the safe functioning of the automobile. Among these components are CV boots or Constant Velocity (CV) joints. Their primary function is to allow transmissions of power to the wheels through the drive shaft at a variable angle and a constant rate of rotation. Therefore, CV joints have a critical function when negotiating corners and preventing the axle from breaking when getting over a bump. The boots are black rubber enclosures that seal the joints and alleviates leakages of lubricants.

The boots are subject to wear and tear with time. When there are cuts on them, water and dust tend to build up in CV joints, which makes it challenging to drive the car. Hence, carrying CV boots replacement once they wear keeps the joint turning and rotating excellently.

Signs That You Have Aging CV Boots

Some red flags signal potential damage to the constant-velocity boots in your car; when you notice oil spattered oil on the inside of the wheel, there’s a high likelihood of torn boots. Other signs include intense vibrations while driving and visible damages on the CV rubber. In most cases, damaged boots cause a clicking and popping sounds when cornering. If that’s your case, then you need to schedule an auto repair.

What to Expect During a CV Boot Replacement

Early CV joint check-ups detect the slightest damages, which makes it easy for your auto repair technician in Edwardsville, Illinois, to repack the joint with grease and get a new boot installed. Professional mechanics may do this through three different approaches:

  • They may recommend the installation of a new boot, which will require them to detach the axle from the vehicle for the best results.
  • The mechanic may decide to make repairs by removing the wheel and the hub, although the CV joint may be weaker.
  • A split-design technique that allows for CV boot repair procedures without removing any components. It’s the easiest method, albeit the joint will not hold for long.

Cost of CV Boot Replacement

Many auto service companies and car dealerships insist that you replace a failed CV boot/ joint because the labor costs involved in replacements are relatively higher as compared to a new installation. While a CV-boot replacement kit costs less than a new CV axle, the labor costs of replacing the boot will be higher than the fees charged for CV axle replacement.

However, a DIY approach is a better option for budget car owners with the right mechanical skills. You can purchase a CV boot repair kit, these kits are readily available in your local auto shops and include a grease pack, clamps, and glue.

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