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Could Your Transmission Fluid be Low?

Your car’s transmission is one of its most important parts. It directs the power from your engine to the driveshaft, which helps to turn the vehicle’s wheels. Transmission fluid is essential for its functionality and health, and low levels can impede normal function. This will lead to poor performance, a shorter lifespan for your transmission system, and costly repairs. When you’re experiencing transmission problems, you may be at risk of a breakdown or even a collision. The experts at our transmission shop can help you keep your car running safely and smoothly for many miles to come.

Keep reading for a few signs that you may have low transmission fluid levels.

Why Is My Transmission Fluid Low?

Often, low transmission fluid levels are caused by leaks within the transmission system. The transmission and driveshaft have seals that may become faulty over time, resulting in a fluid leak.

Signs that Transmission Fluid is Low

There are several signs that your transmission fluid may be low.

Transmission Gear Slippage: If your transmission is low on fluid, then it’ll lack the hydraulic power to shift and maintain transmission gear position.

Non-Operation: If the fluid is low enough, your transmission may fail to operate at all. Regardless of what transmission gear is selected, the transmission will act as though it is stuck in neutral.

Slow Shifts: Transmission fluid provides the force necessary for the transmission to shift gears quickly and smoothly. If there is not enough fluid is present, then shifts may be sluggish.

Increased Operating Temperature: Just as your vehicle’s engine needs engine oil to operate smoothly and maintain normal operating temperatures, a transmission needs transmission fluid to maintain a normal temperature. A low fluid level results in increased friction and heat, raising the transmission’s operating temperature.

Low transmission fluid is not an issue to ignore; it’s a problem that will only worsen over time, resulting in potentially costly repairs that could have been prevented with early detection and repair. At Marshalls Transmission Repair, our transmission specialists provide repairs for both automatic transmissions and manual transmissions. To schedule your transmission repair service, give us a call today.

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