Cadillac Transmission Problems and Rebuilds in Greenville, IL

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Cadillac offers a variety of comfortable and cutting-edge cars, SUVs, and Trucks. If you find that your Cadillac-produced vehicle is experiencing any transmission problems, then it is important to have it looked at by a professional and experienced repair shop. As a Cadillac owner in Greenville, IL, it’s also crucial that you recognize the signs your transmission is having issues, so you know when you need to have it fixed. Here we will be looking at some problems you may have with your Cadillac’s transmission and information about rebuilds.

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Cadillac Transmissions

Cadillacs are powered variously by hydremic four- or five-speed transmissions with the uncommon six-speed only with a handful of models. No matter the kind of transmission it may have, your Cadillac can still run into similar transmission issues. Be on the lookout for these kids with transmission issues.

Gasket Issues

If your Cadillac does not go into gear when its transmission fluid is cold after a transmission filter change, it could indicate the wrong filter was installed. Or that the gasket or the filter “O” ring was installed improperly.

Hard Shifts

If you are driving an older Cadillac model, you may find that when driving at highway speeds it may be hard to shift. You may also notice your “service transmission” and “service engine” lights will come on as well. Over time you may notice this issue will continue to worsen. It’s important that if you are having this issue you have it serviced to find the underlying issue.

Shifting Without a Key

1995 Cadillac Fleetwoods have been known to shift from park even if the key is not in the transmission. This can become a serious issue as your vehicle can start rolling away, causing damage to the vehicle or other things. It’s important that if your vehicle ever does this to have it serviced immediately.

Solenoid Issues

Many Cadillac Concours Devilles have been observed to have the “check engine” light issue which shows a torque and converter clutch error. This is believed to be due to faulty torque converter clutch solenoid. If you have this issue you will need to have the vehicle serviced as the solenoid is very difficult to replace and installed and it should only be done by an experienced professional.

Cadillac Models Without Dipsticks

Some Cadillacs do not include dipsticks for their transmission since the issues related to transmission fluid typically come from filling too much into your vehicle or using an incorrect fluid. If you need to check the transmission fluid in these makes of Cadillacs, warm your car up and put it into park on a level surface. You will need to raise all four wheels and remove the fill plug. When the fluid drips out, if it’s flush at the bottom of the side plug hole, then you have the right amount of fluid.

If your specific make of Cadillac has ever been recalled and it is experiencing issues that had it recalled in the first place, make sure you have those issues fixed the right way. Transmission problems can be a serious issue. If you are looking for rebuilds in the Greenville, IL area, here is some information about rebuilds.

Cadillac Transmission Rebuilds

There are times when the best decision is to completely rebuild the transmission in your Cadillac. This should be a walk in the park for an experienced technician. If you choose to have your Cadillac’s transmission completely rebuilt, know that all parts of your vehicle’s current transmission will be replaced. Rebuilding the transmission will keep your vehicle running for many more years.

 Cost of Rebuilding

It’s important to discuss the overall cost of rebuilding your transmission with the technician. The process may take a couple of days as well so also be sure to ask how long it will take until your vehicle is ready to go. The cost and time to rebuild vary depending on the specific make of Cadillac you have and the year it was made in. The typical starting price for a full transmission repair is around $1,800. It is usually the better choice to have your transmission completely rebuilt as opposed to having to have it repaired constantly. You will have brand new parts that will last for a long time.

Cadillac Transmisson

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