Avoid these Transmission Mistakes for a Healthy Transmission!

We’ve previously discussed specific problem signs that a transmission system may not be functioning properly. While transmission issues can be costly depending on their severity, there are plenty of preventative measures that can be taken to minimize these costs and problems. Everyone desires to keep their vehicle healthy and avoid bothersome trips to the mechanic. When keeping an eye on your vehicle and all its components, here are a few transmission mistakes commonly made and how you can avoid them.

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Forgetting To Have Your Transmission Serviced Regularly

There’s no doubt that we live in a faced paced world that keeps our schedules full, but neglecting the upkeep of our vehicle’s important systems should never be allowed. Preventative maintenance is the largest component of keeping your vehicle running smoothly. Dirt and other contaminants can build up inside your transmission just like they do in other vehicle parts and need to be addressed regularly. It is suggested to have your transmission serviced every 30,000 to 60,000 miles, or roughly every 2-5 years.

Low Transmission Fluid

Keeping an eye on your vehicle’s oil and antifreeze is a vital part of its maintained health, and your transmission fluid is no different. You should regularly be checking the level of your system’s fluid. If your transmission fluid is too low, the system is more likely to run hot, which can cause serious damage. Also, keep an eye on the color of your transmission fluid to determine if it is too dirty for continued use. Transmission fluid should be a rich red color. If your fluid is extremely dark, or even black, it should be replaced. When adding or replacing fluid, be sure to use the proper type or you may cause just as much damage yourself.

Ignoring Problems You Find

While we all worry about the cost of vehicle repairs, ignoring strange noises or unusual handling of your vehicle will only cause more trouble in the long run. You know how your vehicle should sound, feel, and handle. If there is anything out of the ordinary, seek out a professional technician as soon as possible.

Transmission Overheating

Overheating is far and away the leading cause of transmission failure. Every 20 degree increase your transmission gets over its recommended temperature cuts its lifespan in half. While dirty or low transmission fluid may cause overheating, there are many other possibilities as well. Any sign of overheating should be taken seriously and investigated immediately.

When in doubt, you can always consult your local transmission professionals at Marshall’s!

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