How to Choose a Shop for Transmission Service

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Make the Right Choice When You Need Quality Transmission Service!

You’re driving safely when suddenly your car lurches a bit while changing gears. Or it stops altogether. Or your manual transmission gets stuck in one gear. A normal drive quickly becomes a crisis situation as you realize you’ve got transmission problems. You need help. But how do you find it? How do you choose a transmission shop that can do the job right and prove itself trustworthy? Take a look at these tips for choosing the right transmission specialist:

1. Look for a Shop That Guarantees Its Work

Quality repair shops will stand behind their work by providing some kind of warranty or guarantee. That means the mechanics will be ultra-careful since they don’t want to have to repair their own repair job.

2. Ask for Recommendations

Having a transmission rebuilt or replaced is a major repair, and your friends and family are likely to remember the transmission repair shop that handled the job well. Friends on social media may also be happy to recommend local shops highly.

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3. Get a Written Estimate

A well-run transmission shop should be willing to take a look at your car and prepare a written estimate that includes parts and labor. Look it over, and feel free to get estimates from multiple shops to make sure you’re being quoted a fair price.

4. Look for Transmission Specialists

All those certificates hanging on the wall of local auto repair shops aren’t there for looks. Because mechanics don’t need legal certification, those documents show that the people working in the shop have gone the extra mile to become certified. Look for certification from the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association to know you’re dealing with a highly experienced mechanic.

5. Look Around the Shop

A professional transmission repair shop that takes its work seriously is typically clean and organized. The workers treat customers and each other with respect. If a shop feels a bit chaotic or even sleazy, you can do better.

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6. Ask What Services Are Offered

You can save money in some cases by having your transmission rebuilt rather than replaced. However, not all transmission shops are willing or able to handle rebuilds. Ask a few questions to make sure you’re getting the service you want.

Transmission repairs are technically difficult, and it’s very important that your repair shop get it right. If the repair is done poorly, it can be very costly to you. Follow these tips to choose an excellent shop for transmission service so you can drive on your way in safety.

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