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How Often Should I Check My Transmission Fluid?

The average cost of transmission repair by a transmission specialist ranges from $1800 to $3500, making it one of the most expensive repair procedures you can get for your car. Furthermore, not all repair shops are transmission shops, which means finding someone to repair your car may be difficult. Finally, since transmission repair often takes between 4 to 9 hours to complete, you may have to wait days or weeks before a repair shop can make time to repair your vehicle.

When all is said and done, it is much better to avoid transmission repair by engaging in proactive transmission maintenance. The simplest form of maintenance, for both automatic transmissions and manual transmissions, is checking transmission fluid regularly. Contact the experts at Marshall Transmission with all your transmission questions and concerns and let us help!

How Often is ‘Regularly’?

Assuming you have a new or only moderately old car, that is subject to standard usage; it is recommended that you change your transmission fluid every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. For the average person, this means changing transmission fluid roughly every two to three years. At a bare minimum, you should check your transmission fluid every other year. Preferably, though, you will check it every time you change your oil.

Furthermore, if your car is older, is regularly used for heavy duty activity like towing, or is driven much more than the average car annually, then you should, at a bare minimum, check your transmission fluid every year.

Is There a Best Time to Schedule a Transmission Fluid Check?

Unless there is a specific reason not to, you should probably have your transmission fluid checked at the same time you get your yearly car inspection. This makes it easy to remember and doesn’t require an additional trip to your auto mechanic.

There is one reason, though, that you might schedule your transmission fluid check at a different time. In cold weather, like the kind found in winter and fall in Fairview Heights, IL, transmission fluid can look lower than it actually is. This false reading of low transmission fluid can result in fluid being added when it isn’t necessary. It is best to avoid this by checking the fluid in warmer months, usually at the same time that you get your oil changed.

Can You Check Your Own Transmission Fluid?

You can, but it is safest to let a transmission specialist do the job. A mistake could be very costly and the cost to check is usually quite low. Additionally, it takes almost an hour to check fluid, which may be time you don’t wish to spend.

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