Steps to Follow If Your Edwardsville, IL Vehicle has Transmission Trouble

Transmission Repair

One of the most important tools in your day-to-day life can be your vehicle. At Marshall’s Transmission, we understand how your car is essential when it comes to extracurricular activities, getting the kids to school, and even meeting deadlines. You shouldn’t have to struggle with any transmission trouble. This is why the residents of the Edwardsville, IL area trust our team of experienced technicians. In the meantime, we have listed some signs of transmission trouble, and how you can help fix the problem.

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Beginning Signs of Transmission Trouble

There are a number of signs that your transmission is in trouble. Make sure to look out for these red flags including:

Transmission Slipping: This can happen when you feel as if you have been driving in a certain gear and the gear changes for no reason. You could also hear a whining noise coming from the engine. This means that your vehicle is struggling to function and accelerate as it should.

Delayed Engagement: This error happens when you notice a delay between you changing gears and the vehicle actually engaging with the directions you have given it. This could mean major problems for your vehicle.

Uncomfortable or Rough Shifts: If your vehicle has an extremely rough shift or refuses to change gears altogether, you can tell that there is a significant issue happening.

Leaking Fluid: It is easy to notice when your vehicle is leaking fluid. If you see spots on your driveway or notice bright red fluid after you park, this could mean that you are leaking transmission fluid. Can lead to a multitude of other problems if not properly treated.

Transmission Light: If your vehicle’s check engine light is turned on, this does not always mean that you have a transmission problem. However, you still need to visit a professional to get the error code that is being generated by your vehicle’s computer read.

If you continue to ignore the warning signs your vehicle could be in trouble. Usually warning signs that start to occur on the regular show that you no longer have the option of going to the transmission repair shop, it is a must.

Diagnosing the Problem

In order to diagnose your transmission trouble, you need to bring your vehicle to our team at Marshall’s Transmission. Our diagnosis process will help determine what is wrong and what the best treatment option is. We will even recommend which treatment is the best for its price. Our team is here to help make sure the job gets done the first time.

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Choosing a Treatment Option for Your Transmission Trouble

Our team of experienced professionals can lay out every possible method of treatment that would best help your current transmission situation. We do our best to ensure that you have chosen the best treatment option for your specific situation. If you need transmission repair services, give our team at Marshall’s Transmission a call today!