Solving Transmission Problems with Marshall’s Transmission

Transmission Problems

Back in the day when vehicles were much easier to understand as well as repair, certain transmission problems weren’t as alarming as they seem to be now. If your Collinsville, IL vehicle’s transmission doesn’t shift properly into gear, it was very clear that you had a transmission problem. Once you figured this out, you could go into a shop and get your car fixed as quickly as possible, and back on the road in no time at all. With this being said, times have changed.

Automatic Transmission

 In today’s time, if your transmission doesn’t shift properly into gear, you could find a number of things wrong that have nothing to do with your transmission at all. For example, if your converter clutch locks up and your car does begin to lurch, you might assume you have a bad clutch. However now, it could also be a problem with multiple things. If you want to find out more on how to properly assess your car, continue reading on!

Does a Bad Spark Plug Affect Your Converter Clutch?

This situation is a more common issue than you think. When the computer that is in your vehicle applies the converter clutch, it sends out an air/fuel mixture because it is assumed that you are approaching cruise levels. This is because the transmission is locked to the engine. Then the converter clutch increases the load on the engine, eliminating any fusion that might exist. If a spark plug is worn or even damaged, any extra load like this that is paired with the air and fuel mixture- this can degrade the spark entirely and cause a misfire. You will definitely feel the misfire throughout your vehicle since there is no cushion left between your transmission and your engine.

How to Handle Transmission Problems Today

Auto Repair

This goes to show that today, transmission problems are not always transmitting problems. With this information, how can you be sure that you’ve diagnosed the problem properly?  The most simple way to visit an expert repair shop like Marshall’s Transmission. If you feel as though your car is having any type of transmission problem, come into our shop and let us check it out! We are happy to help in any way that we can! Give us a call today!