How Can a Transmission Cooler Benefit My Collinsville, Illinois Vehicle?

An overheating transmission is every driver’s worst nightmare. It severely reduces your gas mileage and often makes the vehicle unable to operate. Let’s take a look at whether your vehicle needs a transmission cooler, and if so, the best ways to implement this.

hot climates and transmission coolers Collinsville Illinois

Hot climate

If you live in a hot climate, your vehicle should be equipped with a cooler. As the name suggests, a transmission cooler is designed to cool your vehicle in warm temperatures and keep the system from overheating. Experts say that a cooler is warranted in anything above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, especially if your locale stays warm throughout the year. While a hot climate isn’t super dangerous on its own, this factor combined with those mentioned below can lead to a deadly combination for your engine. Not only will a cooler ensure the functionality of the transmission, but it will improve your fuel economy overall.

Stop and Go Traffic

Drivers who spend a lot of time in stop and go traffic should look into a transmission cooler. This type of driving puts a lot of strain on the transmission in bursts, which is a lot more taxing than cruising on a straight highway. Many vehicles are equipped with smart transmission systems, which means the cooler will only kick into effect when you’re in stop and go traffic itself. This will save you gas in the long run and extend the lifetime of the cooler. Anybody who frequently drives in the city or a neighborhood with many stoplights needs to take extra precautions for their transmission.

Heavy Loads

If you tow heavy loads on a regular basis, a transmission cooler is for you. When your vehicle is loaded with heavy containers or spare parts, it weighs down the vehicle and makes the transmission work much harder. To determine just how much a heavy load affects the capacity of your car, head to an auto repair service such as Marshall Transmission Repair in Collinsville Illinois for a diagnostic. The repair shop’s professionals will be able to examine and test your vehicle and conclude whether a transmission cooler is necessary. By simulating different loads, you’ll be able to prepare for any case of overheating. These repair services are also able to recommend the most apt transmission coolers for your vehicle and needs.

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